The Details…

My life has never been what you would call an open book. I have always personally loved the concept, but I don’t know if I will ever be ready for it all to be out there. I have had this idea for a while now, but I am finally ready to commit to it. This blog is a no holds barred, honest, gritty, no limits look into my life. I am committing here and now, today on this June 27, 2017 to commit to writing for the next year!

The blog is called “A Year and Some…” because I have problems with committing to things. It seems silly to say that, I am a 30 something, married with a steady job. Commitment issues? Doesn’t sound like it right?! I have issues when it comes to committing to me though. I can’t guarantee that every day I will come here and write a masterful piece of compelling work, it might be a sentence or two, but I just want to write every day and see what comes of it.

I hope that a long the way I will “meet” people, as much as you can meet them online, but I hope that people come on this journey with me. I hope that I can finally find a place to be honest with things I don’t even talk about in my daily life. I want a place to be completely free and for people to come and see that hey maybe things seem bad, but maybe there is a way to find some good in it too.

If you are taking this journey with me, regardless of when you started following day one or day 346, welcome. I don’t know why you are in the blogosphere, but I hope that you are finding out new things about yourself, society and the world around with each new blog you encounter.