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Just in time

A day without writing. I honestly almost forgot. Today and probably tomorrow this will be all you get. I hope Monday will be a bit slower and I can catch-up. I will be house hunting all day tomorrow. We will see what happens. It will be long but hopefully good. I need to write but I’m tired and annoyed and don’t feel like thinking. I will try to be a bit more articulate in the coming days. We shall see though. 


It’s Hot!!!

Welcome to summer in the south. It is hot. It is always hot. I have grown up in the south and lived here all my life and there have been three times that I have been without AC. Who knew this would be one of those times?

Luckily I live in an apartment and so they are looking at it now. When the temp inside your apartment reads almost 90, you know something is wrong. I can’t say that I am glad it happened but I guess it is a distraction from things.

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