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Trying to Live Life

The other day I was thinking about living life to the fullest. Living life like it truly is, that you only have a short time. I understand why we can’t live everyday like we were dying, in the sense of picking up and just traveling. Logically I understand that, but there is still part of me that wishes that life could be that way. I wish that we could live life doing what we wanted to do. To just be able to get up and not have to worry about money or responsibilities. I wish that life could be that way.

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Still not sure I know the point…

I have a hard time focusing. I feel like I want to do something like write or something, but then the act of committing to that action feels so burdensome. I mentioned that feeling to my therapist last week, not sure if that means anything, but it is bothersome for me right now.

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