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It’s the Weekend

So I have been thinking about posting and yes I think maybe every day was a bit much. I think that I will definitely not post weekends at least not normally. I will post throughout the week, but weekends are to rest.

I am still not sure what I am doing with my Saturday but I have been putting off writing. The last few days my past has been on my mind and I am trying not to let that take over too much.

I the remembering and I hate the pain. I know that I need to heal and work through it but I will give it time. Despite wanting to do it overnight, I can’t. I have to take time and work through it. I need to start talking about it again in therapy. Small steps and we will see.


Do it for you

Everybody wants to change the world

But one thing’s clear

No one ever wants to change themselves

~ “Do You Really Want It” by: Nothing More

So this band and these guys are awesome first and foremost. I have had the pleasure of seeing them love three times and look forward to many more. This song is on their most recent album. I just got to hear them preform this song live and beyond amazing. If you haven’t checked them out, you should.

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Just tired…

So yesterday was an interesting day. It was long and stressful and really it was last night. I have been struggling myself, but then add in my husband and things are just stressing me out way too much. Last night my husband got upset with me and honestly, it was unwarranted. I definitely felt blindsided by it and how he reacted afterward just has me feeling crummy.

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Sometimes all you can do is hope

So today was a full day of house hunting as well as just running. We found some prospects and the perfect one, but it is just a dream. So I’m good with the choices we have and there are other options too. We will see what happens. I have some time. Not much but some.

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Just in time

A day without writing. I honestly almost forgot. Today and probably tomorrow this will be all you get. I hope Monday will be a bit slower and I can catch-up. I will be house hunting all day tomorrow. We will see what happens. It will be long but hopefully good. I need to write but I’m tired and annoyed and don’t feel like thinking. I will try to be a bit more articulate in the coming days. We shall see though. 

Just worry about today…

Whoever said, “Life isn’t easy,” was telling the truth. It seems like every day there is something new. The whole idea of something new isn’t inherently bad, but lately that is how it has felt for me. I feel like peace is just right outside my grasp and I don’t know what I can do to find it. I know you can’t worry about things that you can’t change or that you just don’t know what will happen, but sometimes it is hard to get your mind to stop obsessing.

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I know I just stole the title of a “Hamilton” song but that is what I life feels like right now. I love the musical too. It’s Sunday and another week is about to start. Another week of stress and worry. I wish time could just stand still. I am not of the time should stop to enjoy it but I want it to stop because I want to find a way to figure things out. I feel like I will never figure things out.

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