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Focus on mental health

It is mental health awareness week and with everything going on in the world, we need a bit more focus on that. It is sad how so much is connected to mental health issues but sadly, the actions get the attention not the cause. People are too quick to dismiss mental health and it is causing more and more issues.

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I am terrible. I am a terrible person. Have I cheated? No. Have I thought about it, even considered it? Yes, very much so. I had the chance last Saturday, but I did not take it. I didn’t even really feel the desire then, which I guess says something, but still that I am even thinking about it has me flustered.

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About the eclipse…

Because today everything is about the eclipse why not? I honestly didn’t care much about it but then my mom bought me the viewing glasses. I took them to work and thought I wonder if I will use them.

It was a huge event across the country. Some places had fill eclipse but we just had partial. Looking at it through the glasses was quite an experience. It was really neat to see the sun covered.

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A sad day

Today another one dies. Thousands of people die all over the world every day but it seems that there have been far too many suicides. Chester Bennington was found dead this morning in an apparent suicide. Saying that he died, just doesn’t seem like it is enough. I am in shock and of course, I did not personally know him or anything but the heartache over someone taking their own life is heartbreaking. Of course, the speculation could be endless, being that today would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday, so maybe that played a part, but either way it is horribly sad.

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Want to be more childlike!

Sometimes I wonder about being a kid. I remember things I used to think when I was a kid and how I used to always keep a journal like I was keeping track of some important history. I always felt like I would have a moment. There would be a time in my life that I would matter and the older I get the less I think in such ways.

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