Focus on mental health

It is mental health awareness week and with everything going on in the world, we need a bit more focus on that. It is sad how so much is connected to mental health issues but sadly, the actions get the attention not the cause. People are too quick to dismiss mental health and it is causing more and more issues.

I have personally been diagnosed at one point in my life with PTSD and major depressive disorder. Does it suck? Yes. I hate dealing with such diagnosis but knowing is better. I would rather know and work through them than to suffer alone and wonder what is wrong with me.

I think too often people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Most people in society don’t understand mental health and that just because you have a condition or disorder that doesn’t make you crazy or mean that you will harm yourself or someone else. I think if more people talked openly and without fear than it would be something we could all overcome. It would be something that could bring people together rather than drive them apart.

I know for me talking about my issues and emotions is very difficult. I just started therapy again and I know that it is going to be a long road but in the end, it will be better. I could hide in the shadows and end up doing something stupid or I could face them and move forward with my life. I chose to move forward with my life. It is almost like I am finally choosing myself.

Mental health, like most health related issues, has to come by our personal choosing. We have to want to get help and see that we need the help. It is difficult to admit to yourself that you need a little extra help getting through, especially because society around you does not offer much if any understanding. We often have to be our own best friends in this instance and we just have to do what is right for us, even if those around us don’t fully understand or support us. All we can do is our best and just like we need to be physically healthy, we need to be mentally healthy as well.


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