In the end, it will be clear?

Write. I must write. I haven’t yet today. It was both a good and chaotic day. It seems that is everyday. I want to stop and do things but lately it has been lawyer, house, mortgage, realtor, work, life, ugh!! Write when do I write?

We watched a movie tonight. Basically we stayed at home which was nice. I felt like tonight we relaxed mostly. It is nice. I know I need to write though. It is what I do. A year and some right? I was reading my husband’s poems and it has been a while since I’ve written poems.

I’m not very good. I don’t think I’m very good at writing but I enjoy the idea. I like it. People have said I am good at it. I am better than average do I can entertain but not quite good enough to impress the cynics and the pretentious. There are many pretentious in the writing field. That is not me.

I write because I say I will write. I feel this is better than most I have written lately but I think that is because I am not thinking. (I think because I am not thinking, yeah I see what I did there.) I am writing just as it comes to mind. I don’t write because I must write, I wrote because I committed to writing. I need to keep my commitment and in the end hopefully that means something.


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